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Citizens of the Earth - The Prem Rawat Foundation

HOME - The Global Goals

What do you want from the world in the next 15 years? - United Nations

Transitioning from the MDGs to the SDGs - 2016 IDSDP - UNDP

UPLIFT: Power To The People - Earth Guardians

Heaven is Here -  Wadi Rawat and Wendy Lewis

Moving Mondays: Take Hope - Louie Schwartzberg

Let's Play for the Sustainable Development Goals - UNOSDP

Hope: Syrian Radio Stations Band Together - Peace News

Activist Achaleke inspires global youth to lead - Search for Common Ground (Cameroon)

Children in Conflict  - United Nations

We Want Peace – Emmanuel Jal

What is Peace? - Charis Cooper

"Can't stop the feeling" - PeacePlayers International - Cyprus

Chelsea Peace - submitted by Rohn Bayes

War - Global Issues: Through Our Lens - 100 People: A World Report

Gratitude HD - Moving Art™ - Louis Schwartzberg

Kid President - A Pep Talk for the World - Soul Pancake

The Same Heart - Galen Films - Media Voices for Children 

Spoken word and peace Water color - Melissa Rodriguez Art

Give Peace a Chance - submitted by Stuart Hoffman

Where is Peace? - The Prem Rawat Foundation

KJ: Life and Music - CNEXTW  (For English subtitles click CC icon)

Wisconsin from the Air -Winter -  Wisconsin Public Television Preview

Children need Peace - Peace Museum

How refugee parents comfort their kids – Mercy Corps

UN International Day of Peace - World Food Program

Food Recovery Network - Greater Good Network

What's wrong with our food system | Birke Baehr | TEDxNextGenerationAsheville

Sustainable Development Goals: Improve Life All Around The Globe -Flocabulary

Hum Chale - Youth Peace Fest  (Hindi) - Youth Peace Fest

What is Global Citizen? - Global Citizen

From Farm to Patient: How One Medical Facility is Rethinking Hospital Food

Katie's Krops – NationSwell 

What Will You Do for Peace? - submitted by Lisa Parker

Moving Mondays: What Brings You Joy - Louie Schwartzberg

From Hunter to Farmer – NationSwell 

Night of the Northern Lights - Maciej Winiarcjyk 

The dangerous boat ride to Greece through the eyes of a Syrian refugee girl | UNICEF

"What If" by Farah Siraj - submitted by Lisa Parker

Prem Rawat Peace Day Message

Be Great!: Juliet Doherty at TEDxABQ

Dance for Kindness 2016 (promo) - Life Vest Inside

Your Secret Weapon - The Prem Rawat Foundation

Words for Water Chapter One - Mary Dougherty

Bringing the ‪SDGs‬ to life: real change for real people - IIED

Palestine & Israel: One Heart, One Life - UN Web TV

Celebrate Life Events: What does love mean to you?                     

Happily Hungry – NationSwell 

Moving Mondays: The Power of Choice - Louie Schwartzberg

Cafe That Serves Up a Great Lunch for a Great Cause – NationSwell

Sand Art by Ilana Yahav - "Give Peace A Chance"

A Bridge to Better Health - NationSwell

La Genèse - Armand Amar - selena amelie

Dutch mother helps refugees landing in Lesvos | UNICEF

Unplugged Music Series 2015 | Damien Escobar

Desmond Tutu's message for the International Day of Peace

What happens at a transit camp for refugees in Europe? | UNICEF

Search for Common Ground - Our Approach - Search for Common Ground

Social Media Changing African Narrative - Peace News

Spoken Word - Rwanda the Heart of Africa

Virtual Exchange: Where Cultures Meet - Search for Common Ground

Punk Rock Diplomacy Ep 2 The Future Starts Here –  Tiffany Shlain - AOL Originals        

O Paalanhare - submitted by Wendy Lewis

Peace is Inevitable - The Prem Rawat Foundation

Moving Mondays: The Spark Within - Louie Schwartzberg

Syrian Children - Refugee Camp Niroz | UNICEF

If you want peace, prepare for Peace - University for Peace

How can children contribute to peacebuilding? - Search for Common Ground Lebanon

Rainbow of Hope and  Eco Boys & Girls - Search for Common Ground Lebanon

The Glowing Earth - submitted by Joel Metzger

Life And Me - Zivot i ja - submitted by Stela Kapidzic (Bosnia)

The Tale of Two Wolves - Thandiwe Dreaming

Reach Out - Marta Hadzimanov & Vukasin Markovic - submitted by Vera  Putnikovic

How school makes kids less intelligent | Eddy Zhong | TEDxYouth@BeaconStreet

Share the Light - submitted LiLa Herderberg & Blue Gecko

Here to Stay: fighting for peace in war-torn Yemen - Search for Common Ground

Yemen Conflict No Match for Clever Teens - Peace News

Ring The Bells by Melissa Etheridge and Salman Ahmad - Search for Common Ground

Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom - submitted by Sheryl Olitzky - Riverview Studios

A Muslim and Jewish Girls’ Poetry Slam - Search for Common Ground

River of Breath - submitted Ellen Martorelli

Peace Begins with You - TPRF

In Our Son's Name - Trailer - Gayla Jamison

Open Their Eyes - Nic Hanson - 7 Wonders Cinema

BLAH BLAH BLAH - Chris Commisso original

TransBoom | Ep. 5 | The Future Starts Here –  AOL Originals        

Peace - OAR

Introduction to Peace One Day 2016 – Peace One Day

Veterans Coming Home: Crystal - Wisconsin Public Television

A double amputee’s incredible journey to safety | UNICEF

Russian Man  by Gene Lubin -  submitted by Jodi Barker

The Bridge Promo -  Search for Common Ground

'We The People' for The Global Goals

1 % For the Planet: Freshwater - Louie Schwartzberg

Words for Water Chapter Three - Mary Dougherty

The Cycle of Insanity: The Real Story of Water - TRAILER - Surfrider Foundation

Inside 'Tank Town'  – NationSwell 

Water Explorers are Better Together – Water Explorer

RYSE: Activating the Youth-Led Climate Movement - Earth Guardians

WAF Awards 2016 - Nominate Exceptional Pioneers – WAF Awards 

Yanweizhou Park by Turenscape (ecological flood control) –  Dezeen Magazine 

Shakira (UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador) performing Imagine  - United Nations

Mayors on the Rise: Pete Buttigieg - NationSwell

Voting 2.0 – NationSwell  Open Possibilities NBCUniversal

The Power of One – Chelsea Flowers  

Guantanamera | Playing For Change | Song Around The World

Find a Way - Diana Nyad - Interview 

Yelp: With Apologies to Allen Ginsberg's "Howl" - Tiffany Shlain & Moxie Institute Films

TROLLS - Chris Commisso original

PEGASUS - submitted by Achiles Nasios - AN IKON

Flashmob: Happy Birthday Poulenc - HENELIA Agence de communication

Smell the Flowers -

Saving Our Planet: Nature’s Mysteries Revealed Through a Lens - Louie Schwartzberg | TEDxJacksonHole

Bury Me Smiling - The Ballroom Thieves -feat. Maine Youth Rock Orchestra

What Is Sustainable Development? - United Nations

Moving Mondays: The Journey  - Louie Schwartzberg

What does it mean to be a refugee? Emad's story  Mercy Corps   

Veterans for Peace UK Campaign Film

Blues for Peace - Michael Packer Band -Submitted by Michael Packer

Peace is a Feeling - The Prem Rawat Foundation

Mille et une raisons - submitted by Pierre Boquié

MAN vs EARTH - Prince EA

Speak For The Trees [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] Earth Guardians and Aaron Ableman

Chasing the Sun in the Navajo Nation - NationSwell

Global Aktivne Ready for Peace - submitted by Denisa Malić  (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Muslim Man - Deen Squad 

Syrian teen had to drop out of 5th grade but isn't giving up | UNICEF

Courage - Ben Hanratty

Hard-Working Veterans Offering a Safe Passage to Chicago Youth - NationSwell

Structures of Peace - Global Peace Index

Rare Video of Martin Luther King, Jr. on Civil Rights and Peace - Paul Lee

Global Values - Life - Our New Evolution

Video Contest: ACAKORO Football - 2015 IDSDP - UNOSDP

Tony Allen - Black Voices Revisited (Official Video) - Comet Records

Happiness, Inner Peace & Money -Dalai Lama Renaissance - Dalai Lama Film

Patience - Amy and the Engine

Kindness - Orly Wahba - TED Talk

Untraveled Road – Steve Booth - Music by Steve McPeters

Steps Toward a Bright Future  - Mercy Corps                                

Films Reveal Peace at Work in South Sudan - Peace News

Peace in the Media - Global Peace Index

Peace in the 21st Century - Patrice Martin – One Earth Future

Veterans Coming Home: Guitars for Vets - Wisconsin Public Television

A New Fleet of Food Trucks Offers a Better Path for Formerly Jailed Kids – NationSwell  

YPF Introduction - Youth Peace Fest  -  Youth Peace Fest

The World's Largest Lesson - The Global Goals 

Moving Mondays: Where Is Your Focus? - Louie Schwartzberg

"We're all humans," says Syrian Refugee in her plea for peace – United Nations

PEP at Zonderwater 2014 - The Prem Rawat Foundation

Be in Love – Maine Academy of Modern Music 

The Elephants that came to dinner - Mfuwe Lodge, Zambia - Aquavision TV Productions

Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Social Change - UPEACE Centre for Executive Education

Solar Ovens in Navajo Nation -100 People: A World Report

Why Recycle When You Can Upcycle -100 People: A World Report

The Making of a Mensch - Tiffany Shlain & The Moxie Institute Films

A World of Solutions: The U.N. Climate Sequel - directed by Louie Schwartzberg

Peace Starts Here - The Prem Rawat Foundation

How Brooklyn's Largest Housing Project is Getting Their Residents Online – NationSwell 

Mayors on the Rise: Shane Bemis - NationSwell

Global Peace Index 2016 - Visions of Humanity

Hey Ho…So it goes - Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer

Layers - Terisa Siagatonu - New Internationalist

Graphic Guts Political Posters by Luba Lukova - Missing Peace Art Space - Peace Museum

Show You Care - Official Song of Life Vest Inside

The life of Van Gogh in His Own Words - Wendy Lewis                                                

The Beauty of Pollination - Moving Art™ - Louie Schwartzberg

What does proactive peacebuilding mean in practice? - ISSA Africa TV

I Am NOT Black, You are NOT White. - Prince EA

The Longest Race – NationSwell - Open Possibilities NBCUniversal 

Indigenous Roots - We are all Indigenous to the Earth - Earth Guardians

Sao Paulo Ressoar Interview - The Prem Rawat Foundation

Biodanza, porque lo imposible puede suceder -  Asociacion Biodanza - submitted by Lilian Muñoz

Forest Preservation in Argentina - 100 People: A World Report (Spanish) Eng subtitles

Voices of the Forest - Karma Namgyel Rinpoche  - submitted by Kathleen Kiefer

Compassion Games Introduction - Compassion Games

Peace Day animation - A fly's journey with a pepper shaker - by Mariano Fernandez Russo

Celebrating the UN Charter - UN Web TV

Global Values - Community - Our New Evolution

The Tree - Lead India - The Times of India

How Soccer in The Bronx Is Paving a Path to Citizenship – NationSwell  

Last Night as I was Sleeping – Antonio Machado – Four Seasons Productions

Moving Mondays: A Child's Eye - Louie Schwartzberg

This is What Community Oriented Policing Looks Like – NationSwell  

PPI teams up with Kansas City Police Athletic League -PeacePlayers International

Voices of Syrian Youth - Mercy Corps                          

Take the Plunge- University for Peace (UPEACE)

There is a voice - Janneke Aalbers Music by Manuel Iman

The Science of Kindness  - Life Vest Inside

What's Possible - Louie Schwartzberg and Lyn Lear for UN Climate Summit

Inspiring young filmmaker makes a difference for the environment - United Nations

"Be The Change" - Earth Guardians - Music Video filmed by HBO

Moving Mondays: Teach Them Well  - Louie Schwartzberg

Only Love by Kahlil Gibran – Cara Tower - narrated by Michael Nouri

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