Press Release June 20 2023


PeaceCast TV is gearing up for this year’s International Day of Peace (Sept 21) with an array of new ‘in-country curators’, a fresh, updated website, and a new wave of energy driving PeaceCast 2023. This year many individual country PeaceCasts, curated by teams around the world, will showcase videos of culturally relevant content and be made available for Peace Day celebrations. Along with these country streams, PeaceCast 2023 will also stream its usual international playlist of humanitarian, environmental and peace-related content, highlighting videos from these countries.

PeaceCast TV is an international, all-volunteer association set to scale up their annual promotion of Peace Day after more than a decade of streaming content to connect the dots between the fundamental necessity of peace and many social issues and fields of human endeavor.

“We’ve worked hard at our goals for many years and it’s heartening to finally see teams worldwide showcasing their country in the context of peace, rather than the narrow mainstream news representation of peace as the absence of war,” said PeaceCast TV director, Dr. Michelle Spinella.

“The time feels right post-Covid and the lockdowns with people more aware of their planet and their fellow citizens. The ‘possibility of peace’ is a theme not just to be celebrated, but to strive for actively and believe in. We hope to create more awareness of the necessity of peace, now and for our future. Celebrating the International Day of Peace endeavors to promote this awareness and ‘to make peace visible’.”

If you would like to identify YouTube videos from your country to be included in this year’s PeaceCast 2023 contact information is provided above.