PeaceCast.tv is an online media channel airing content provided by people and organizations worldwide engaged in new cultures of peace and prosperity.


The annual PeaceCast, celebrating the International Day of Peace, airs for 48 consecutive hours every September 21...for as long as it’s Peace Day anywhere on the planet...and is produced with the collaboration of volunteers and content providers from all over the world. 


Throughout the year, crowd-sourced videos are featured and promoted on the Home page as the Pax Vox. We warmly invite organizations and the public to submit videos and stills to help create media promoting a planetary culture of peace. 


We hope you enjoy PeaceCast.tv and visit often! 



You brighten the world!

To show the many ways people are enriching life on our planet and creating humanity’s finest legacy

— a planetary culture of peace. 

​We consider peace fundamental to human existence and use media to make visible the reality and possibility of peace in our time.

When you look beyond the current media landscape of nearly non-stop violence and war, you’ll find a far better world waiting to be discovered; a world in which humanity is reaching toward wisdom and away from ignorance. This movement toward peace and away from violence and greed is an everyday occurrence but rarely seen for the persistent and personal force it is. 


PeaceCast.tv is a worldwide cast of volunteers working together to show that peace is real and peace is possible...inside each of us...between us...among people...among nations...even in the midst of conflict.



The FPI reorganized and branded itself as PeaceCast.tv. The annual Peace Day webcast was rebranded as "PeaceCast" and the crowd-sourcing campaign for content called “Speak Your Peace.”  Collaborated internationally with Words of Peace Global.
The FPI collaborated internationally with PeaceBeats - London, UK. The webcast aired as the "PeaceBeats Worldwide Webcast" with special thanks to Charis Cooper, Michelle Bush, and Daya Apunte.
A group of friends and colleagues passionate about peace organized a voluntary association, the Florida Peace Initiative (FPI), for the purpose of creating “forums where people everywhere can celebrate peace and share their experience of peace with others". On Sept 21, 2012 the FPI produced their first global webcast, continuously streaming 48 hours of peace programming to celebrate the United Nations International Day of Peace. Collaborated internationally with Peace One Day.

celebrating peace around the planet

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making peace visible